Youth Voice

The Youth Leadership Council of the Kids Caring Foundation provides the youth of our local area a voice and unique opportunity to make a difference and be heard.  Youth Voice is a group of young people who wish to gain a deep understanding of our community’s needs and learn how philanthropy and volunteering can make a meaningful difference in strengthening our community.

Participants in Youth Voice will have an opportunity to participate in a variety of projects in a safe and positive environment, while promoting individual self-esteem and leadership through participation in meetings, events and community service projects.


Plant a Promise to Stay Drug free   What a success!  Our motivated group of trailblazing youth sold and then planted 1,000 red tulip bulbs with each bulb representing a promise made by a community member to stay drug free.  Throughout the process, our youth participated in the Pitman Craft Fair, Fourth Friday’s and even spoke during gym and lunch periods to encourage their peers and community members to sign a promise to stay drug free with them. Tulips were planted in front of Boro Hall in the shape of a heart, in Walton Park, and at the middle school.  We can’t wait until the big spring blooming!

Tootsies and Tushies   Did you know that socks and undergarments are the least donated items but yet the most needed item for those less fortunate?  Our group of awesome kids have solicited and secured over 15 places to collect new undergarments and socks to donate.  The collection took place January 15-February 15th, 2016.  In addition, the group have raised over $500 to shop for these most needed items.  Our collection and purchased items will be split between two fabulous charities: Angels of God in Pitman and Cradles to Crayons in Philadelphia.

For questions regarding Youth Voice or Kids Caring Foundation contact:

Jack Kostiuk, Youth Voice Chair
Email: | Phone: 856-366-7045